Instrument Repair 1

Our repairs and services begin with a diagnostic bench charge which covers our time to go over the instrument and make minor adjustments.

For restoration work, high-end instrument repair, and extreme repair cases, we work in conjunction with other local music stores and technicians to provide the best care possible for your instrument.

Pricing Information

  • Bench charge - $20
  • Soldering - $10 per solder
  • Cork work - $10-15
  • Pad replacement - $10/pad for sax, $6/pad for flute and clarinet
  • Chemical cleaning - $45 trumpets and trombones, $65-80 for baritones, euphoniums and tubas, $95 for French horn
  • Restring - $12 for guitar, $8 for orchestra instrument (plus cost of strings)
  • Non-fretted String Instrument Body Work - starting at $25 and increases based on severity